Monday, December 20, 2010

So This Is Christmas

It's been raining and our little wonky tree looks the way I feel right now. I miss the sun and I'm hoping it's true that we may see it on Thursday. The shopping is almost done and the only thing left on the agenda is to do something Christmas-y with the kids.

Our tree is small so it's very plainly decorated with silver and glass balls, delicate wooden snowflakes, and white butterflies. What makes me happy is the one gold ornament hanging right in front. We received it as a gift from Mia during the Pancake Breakfast with her class. It's her actual handprint but was painted to look like five little snowmen on a bed of snow. I smile everytime I look at it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Someone's getting older and isn't so enchanted with dressing up for Halloween anymore which makes me a bit sad. But looking back, he was never really into wearing costumes. I remember when he was about four years old, he used to run around the house with his plastic swords and bow and arrows inside the back of his shirts. Ask him what he wanted to wear for Halloween though and the answer was always, "I don't know." Was this his last year for trick-or-treating? I guess I have to stop thinking of him as a little boy now?

She really shines in whatever she wears. I was extremely happy that she agreed with me to not wear a princess costume for the 4th year in a row! Plus, this is totally her. She loves ladybugs. Every spring when they suddenly appear she gets so excited when we find them in our garden.

I think they had a good time trick-or-treating this year. We were at CH and spent about 30 minutes roaming the streets. I'm glad my kids aren't crazy wanting to have their buckets filled to the brim with candy. It was just enough.

Friday, August 6, 2010

First Week

Today was the first Family Friday in Mia's class and we got this! I love this picture! Mia's hair looks super-long because of the shadow behind her :)

She's doing well so far. She's met a few friends already and I got to meet those friends' Moms today. I think she's excited to be going to school because during the afternoons she'll tell me, "I want to go back to school!"

Aidan is without a doubt doing well too. His first report is due today, but it was really easy since it's all about himself. He says his teacher is funny and he's made friends with the other two 5th grade boys in his class. I'm sure he misses being with his old classmates but he still gets to play with them during lunchtime.

First week is almost over. I'm sure we can look forward to doing actual schoolwork very soon!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Dreams, Momo


Mia let me leave her room tonight without her being sad and crying!

The last three nights were rough with Monday being the worst. I had left her asleep and ten minutes later she woke up bawling. I would tell her to go back to sleep, but she'd find every excuse to get out of her room. She needed water...she had to go to the bathroom (twice)...the cats were being loud. It was like an episode from Supernanny! Her crying was so terribly loud that I almost caved in, but I knew I couldn't once we started. I think the last time I put her back in her room was around 3:30 AM and it left me so exhausted for the next day. We went through the whole ordeal again on Tuesday night. Same exact many tears shed...only she relented a bit earlier. Last night as I was about to leave her bed she began crying again but this time I decided to talk her through it. I told her that even though she was sleeping by herself it didn't mean that I didn't love her any less. Sleeping on her own was just something that big boys and girls did. I think I spent 45 minutes reassuring her with how much I love her and how much everyone else loves her. I left her at about 11 PM and she was sound asleep 'til I woke her up this morning.

So this is what we did tonight that I guess is her nighttime ritual. Toothbrushing and bathtime at 8:15 PM. I blow-dried her hair. Then we went to her room and she picked out two books to read. We lay down together in her bed and, since she said she was tired, I was the one doing all the reading. After reading I got up and I told her I loved her several times and we gave each other goodnight kisses. And before I closed her door I told her I loved her again.

I honestly didn't think I could convince her to sleep in her own room, but now it's happened. I'm so relieved! For being brave I promised her that we would take her to Toys 'R Us to pick out "a little something". I'm just so super-duper proud of her right now that I feel like I'm going to burst.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SHINee(샤이니)_LUCIFER_뮤직비디오(MusicVideo) HD

I'm going to listen to this everyday until a new MV comes out and then I'll probably listen to that everyday too. I love SHINee.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

first night

shhh...she's finally sleeping in her bed tonight. but it's in my room. we had to put it here because we were going to paint the kids' rooms (back to white). i thought she would make a fuss, but she didn't. after one story she went to sleep right away. hopefully when it's time to move her bed she'll finally be ok with sleeping in her room. perhaps? i'll just hope...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Yet

We haven't tried again yet, but I think I feel better now to have another go at sleeping in her room tomorrow. In the meantime, look who's taking advantage of the new, pretty, unused bed. They've logged more hours on it than Mia.

Pip. Every time I look at his face I think "silly cat."

Doesn't she look pretty, though? She really makes such a pretty ballerina.